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Monday Links - Week 241


looks and feels like twitter but encrypted and anonymized and decentralized and only you hold the keys

While this sounds really interesting, I do wonder if they’ll be able to hide away the complexities of the public key infrastructure to make it compelling to non-techy users. I’m also intrigued by how decentralised it’ll actually be: It’d be great if one of their goals was to make it super simple to host your own home server, rather than having to rely on a few (or maybe even one) provider. CR

Build a DIY Rotating Time Lapse Tripod Head

I love this idea of using a rotating kitchen timer along with my old Samsung S2 to take moving time lapse photos. CR

Five Successful Startups That Started As Blogs

The most intriguing of these for me is Groupon, as it’s definitely advice we’ve given in the past: If the most important part of your product is the content then do whatever’s quickest to get that content into the world (using Wordpress, for example), and iterate once it’s out there. CR

A Closer Look at How Ruby Object Mapper Works

I’m interested in alternatives to ActiveRecord which make it easier to reduce coupling between your domain models and your persistence mechanism. This project seems promising. JM

Getting Hexagonal with Wisper, a listener Framework for Ruby

I’m also interested in pub/sub listener techniques for decoupling your business logic from Rails, although I’m not totally convinced I like the syntax of Wisper. JM

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