Chris Lowis by Chris Lowis

Week 697

We continued on the hunt for our next project this week. It feels like a few opportunities are getting closer, we’re now at the stage of working out start dates and waiting for budgets to be agreed. Fingers crossed we’ll have something more concrete after the long bank-holiday weekend.

We spent some more time in-person (at The Office Group in Waterloo) and remotely working out some changes to how we manage finances internally (see last week’s notes for the background). I like the way we’ve managed the decision making around this, following a sociocracy-style process. We created a proposal based on our discussions last week, and I “owned” it while Chris and James asked questions and raised concerns. We then refined the proposal together and had another round to see if we had concerns. We’ve decided its safe enough to try from June, so we’re going to give it a go and see how we get on. Hopefully we can share what we came up with soon too.

We spent half a day on our retainer agreement with Lollipop helping their team answer questions using data. Next week we’re planning to do a bit of pro-bono work for Circular Revolution who run a zero-waste toilet collection service for London’s boaters. Although I’ll be on the beach in sunny Broadstairs.

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